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Matching Foresight with Sustainable Possibilities

In the next part of our insight’s series, we’re unpacking Vaccinating for Economic Recovery and Growth and its importance in returning the country’s wealth.

The health sector has played a pivotal role in managing the Covid-19 outbreak, yet there is still more work to be done - driven by efficient and effective planning as well as collaboration. We have assembled a diverse and wide-ranging interviews with some of our clients across a myriad of fields to help us get a clear vision of how we can collectively journey towards continental economic recovery and growth.

Liza Eustace, Head: Healthcare, Construction and Hospitality gives a view of how the vaccine rollout impacts a number of industries.

Healthcare Sector Insights

Unlocking your business's potential with insight and sustainable solutions.


In conversation with African Export–Import Bank

Effective management during a pandemic needs to be supported with cross-sector partnerships and sustainable funding.


In conversation with The Global Fund

The Global Fund is a partnership designed to accelerate the end of epidemics.


In conversation with Africa CDC

Africa CDC is crucial in coordinating vaccination efforts to ensure we reach the 60% vaccination target.


In conversation with Momentum Health

Momentum Metropolitan has 36 vaccination centers across the country, open to both the insured and uninsured market, and have been instrumental in bringing telehealth to the home through Hello Doctor.


In conversation with The Biovac Institute

The COVID-19 vaccination coverage is low in Africa, with less than 2% of the 1.2bn population vaccinated. With Biovac partnering with Pfizer to produce about 100mn doses annually, Liza Eustace, Head of Healthcare, Construction and Hospitality Sectors at Absa CIB, spoke to Dr. Morena Makhoana, CEO of Biovac, about his learnings and predictions during this time.


In conversation with Dischem

To date, Dischem has delivered over 250,000 vaccinations across the nation. Rui Morais, talks about how they have leveraged their extensive network to build capacity for mass vaccination sites in collaboration with government and other private sector players.


In conversation with Imperial Logistics

Imperial Logistics is South Africa’s largest logistics company and has been awarded the tender to import COVID-19 vaccines for the country’s vaccination programme.


In conversation with Life Healthcare

The Life Healthcare Group have shown enormous commitment in the treatment of private and public patients during the pandemic and has made major strides in the vaccination rollout.


In conversation with Aspen Pharmacare Group

Aspen is well known to the South African market as being the first to produce a COVID-19 vaccine in Africa; the production of which has been instrumental in ensuring an increase in supply to the African continent.


Vaccinating for Economic Recovery and Growth

Liza Eustace shares her insights on the importance of getting the country and the continent vaccinated against COVID19 in order to help boost economic recovery and growth.


Know why the private health sector is under pressure

Absa’s Liza Eustace unpacks exactly how COVID-19 is negatively impacting the sector


Webinar: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Healthcare Sector

A panel of experts examine the impact of Covid-19 and the measures that must be taken to prepare for what lies ahead.

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Healthcare Insights

The ability to roll out credible, sustainable and high-volume Covid-19 vaccination programs will likely be the single biggest driver of economic recovery in Africa over the next 24 months. Economies that fail to execute on this will be left behind as global trading resumes. Africa is a net importer of goods and services, therefore with the closing of borders and a vaccination rate of < 2% of Africa’s 1.2 billion population, it will leave the continent well behind the rest of the world. The cost will be devastating. We therefore need to increase our efforts in the most collaborative way.

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Telecommunications, Media and Technology Insights

In the next part of our insights series, we’re discussing Telecommunications, Media and Technology – and how they can unlock limitless possibilities in Africa. Traditionally the provider of voice, data connectivity and mobile payments solutions, the telecommunication sector, is now using technology to build an entire ecosystem around the individual consumer.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development Insights

In the next part of the Absa Insights series we discuss Enterprise and Supplier Development across Africa. Small and medium-sized businesses are likely to lead the economic recovery on the African continent, but until they can secure a genuine foothold in corporate value chains, the sector is likely to be dominated by a handful of players who had early-mover advantage and access to finance.

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Consumer Insight Series

As the playing field for consumer products and services is constantly shifting, we extract practical business insights so you can respond effortlessly at every step of your growth journey.

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Agriculture Insight Series

With expertise in the agricultural sector, we offer our clients valuable insights at every step of their growth journey. These strategic partnerships help them unlock their full financial potential with foresight and sustainable solutions.

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