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Matching Foresight with Sustainable Possibilities

As global and continental economies change, we’re faced with new challenges and opportunities. As a bank committed to the sustainable development of our African continent, we partner with our clients to navigate this changing world, sharing deep insights and learnings on key sectors, many of which have been disrupted by the global pandemic.

Through the Absa Insights Series, we help our clients unlock their full growth potential through sustainable opportunities and solutions, ensuring a future for them, our planet and for generations to come.

Motlatsi Mthimunye, Head: Growth Sectors at CIB, explains how Absa Insights Series provides expert perspectives on a variety of sectors that are currently driving the economy.


From insights that inform consumer trends and the economics of sustainable development, to how small businesses can shape our continent’s economy, stay informed through our podcast series that will feature discussions from thought leaders and sector experts.

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Energy and Resources

3 Episodes

A report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Africa will be the most populated region in the world by 2040, surpassing China and India. While this increase in population presents challenges for the continent, there are exciting opportunities unfolding in the resource and energy sector.Africa is emerging as a global force in oil and gas markets and is forecast to outstrip China in the coming years.


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3 Episodes

The health sector has played a pivotal role in managing the Covid-19 outbreak, yet there is still more work to be done - driven by efficient and effective planning as well as collaboration. We have assembled a diverse and wide-ranging interviews with some of our clients across a myriad of fields to help us get a clear vision of how we can collectively journey towards continental economic recovery and growth.


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Telecommunications, Media and Technology

2 Episodes

Traditionally the provider of voice, data connectivity and mobile payments solutions, the telecommunication sector, is now playing an increasingly important role in sectors like agriculture and healthcare. We delve into this, and more, in the Absa Insights, Telecommunications Media and Technology Podcast series.


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Enterprise and Supplier Development

3 Episodes

The role of small- and medium-sized businesses is an important one. In this series our thought leaders discuss how SMEs are likely to lead the economic recovery on the African continent, as well as the challenges that small businesses may face.


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Consumer Goods and Services

3 Episodes

What informs consumer behaviour? 2020 created a shift in consumer trends, with the increase of e-commerce shopping and spending more on home renovations.
In this series of the Absa insights podcast, we discuss the data driven insights that inform consumer trends.


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3 Episodes

Farmers might not be driving Ferraris… yet, but there’s no doubt that Agriculture is a continental bright spot. In this Absa Insights podcast series, listen to thought leaders Roux Wildenboer, Steve Biko and Wandile Sihlobo as they delve into Agriculture across the African continent.


Explore our insightful sector series

Your endless possibilities are now in your grasp. We are giving you access to sectorial insights from thought leaders to help you unlock business possibilities.

  • energy-and-resources-thumbnail

    Energy and Resources Insights

    A report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Africa will be the most populated region in the world by 2040, surpassing China and India ...

  • absa_insights_Healthcare_web_square

    Healthcare Insights

    In our special edition of the insights series, how the vaccine rollout offers us all a glimmer of hope to safeguard our way of life and our loved ones as we seek to protect ...

  • consumer_insights

    Consumer Insights

    As the playing field for consumer products and services is constantly shifting, we extract practical business insights so you can respond effortlessly at every step of your growth journey.

  • agriculture_insights

    Agriculture Insights

    With expertise in the agricultural sector, we offer our clients valuable insights at every step of their growth journey. These strategic partnerships help them unlock their full financial potential with foresight and sustainable solutions.

  • esd_insights

    Enterprise and Supplier Development Insights

    In the next part of the Absa Insights series we discuss Enterprise and Supplier Development across Africa. 

  • tmt_insights

    Telecommunications, Media and Technology Insights

    Traditionally the provider of voice, data connectivity and mobile payments solutions, the telecommunication sector...

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