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We have created a platform for our sector experts to provide data driven insights that will help your business adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world.


Matching Foresight with Sustainable Possibilities

As global and continental economies change, we’re faced with new challenges and opportunities. As a bank committed to the sustainable development of our African continent, we partner with our clients to navigate this changing world, sharing deep insights and learnings on key sectors, many of which have been disrupted by the global pandemic.

Through the Absa Insights Series, we help our clients unlock their full growth potential through sustainable opportunities and solutions, ensuring a future for them, our planet and for generations to come.

As the playing field for consumer products and services is constantly shifting, we extract practical business insights so you can respond effortlessly at every step of your growth journey.

Isana Cordier, Head of Consumer Goods and Services, shares ideas around growing our economy and provides some insights on consumer trends.

Consumer Sector Insights

Unlocking your business's potential with insight and sustainable solutions.


2021 Black Friday Resurgence: Here or Not?

Black Friday 2021 appears to have surpassed the pitfalls of 2020 and become resurgent across all metrics.


Webinar: Changing consumer trends in a post COVID world

Head of Research, Jeff Gable and Head of Consumer Goods and Services Sector, Isana Cordier share their insights into the changing consumer trends in a post COVID world.


Drivers of Consumer Trend

From buying local to buying online, changing our behaviour has the ability to change


Black Friday taking consumers from bricks to bytes

Isana Cordier provides consumer behavior data and insights on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for the unique year of 2020


Consumer goods sector: How the next 5 years may play out

Covid-19 has changed the consumer goods sector. Some changes will reverse, but others are permanent and may even accelerate.


Covid-19 is shoving retail – and consumers – into the future

Along with the pandemic, the future of the consumer goods sector has arrived with bang.


South Africans are still spending, though differently – and increasingly online

Consumer spending is holding up, but behaviour has changed – perhaps permanently, especially the move online.


Consumer goods sector is consolidating – and supply chains are de-globalising

The pandemic has hastened much-needed consolidation and made clear the value of bringing supply chains closer to home.


Using data to understand the consumer of the future

Absa CIB's Isana Cordier provides a view on the power of data in understanding the consumer of the future.


Targeting individual customers and predicting their future

Superbalist Co-CEO Luke Jedeikin reveals the future of targeted marketing.


The 2020 Absa Consumer Conference goes virtual

Addressing Africa’s consumer environment in a COVID-19 world is critical. Absa will unpack key focus areas in live webcasts between June 2020 and the end of the year.


Is the South African textile industry revival beginning?

A boost for the local textile industry could alleviate unemployment and add valuable skills to the market.

All sectors Absa insights series

Resources and Energy Insights

A report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) shows that Africa will be the most populated region in the world by 2040, surpassing China and India. While this increase in population presents challenges for the continent, there are exciting opportunities unfolding in the resource and energy sector.

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Healthcare Insights

The ability to roll out credible, sustainable and high-volume Covid-19 vaccination programs will likely be the single biggest driver of economic recovery in Africa over the next 24 months. Economies that fail to execute on this will be left behind as global trading resumes. Africa is a net importer of goods and services, therefore with the closing of borders and a vaccination rate of < 2% of Africa’s 1.2 billion population, it will leave the continent well behind the rest of the world. The cost will be devastating. We therefore need to increase our efforts in the most collaborative way.

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Telecommunications, Media and Technology Insights

In the next part of our insights series, we’re discussing Telecommunications, Media and Technology – and how they can unlock limitless possibilities in Africa. Traditionally the provider of voice, data connectivity and mobile payments solutions, the telecommunication sector, is now using technology to build an entire ecosystem around the individual consumer.

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Enterprise and Supplier Development Insights

In the next part of the Absa Insights series we discuss Enterprise and Supplier Development across Africa. Small and medium-sized businesses are likely to lead the economic recovery on the African continent, but until they can secure a genuine foothold in corporate value chains, the sector is likely to be dominated by a handful of players who had early-mover advantage and access to finance.

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A truck and truck outlines and a sunset

Consumer Insight Series

As the playing field for consumer products and services is constantly shifting, we extract practical business insights so you can respond effortlessly at every step of your growth journey.

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Agriculture Insight Series

With expertise in the agricultural sector, we offer our clients valuable insights at every step of their growth journey. These strategic partnerships help them unlock their full financial potential with foresight and sustainable solutions.

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