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Massive disruptions offer unprecedented opportunities – if you know where to look for them

The African Consumer Goods and Services sector is at a critical tipping point. It is facing unprecedented disruptions, but also significant growth opportunities – and the global pandemic has only amplified the challenges already confronting it.

Choice, speed, convenience, health, environmental impact, individualism and personalisation are all rapidly evolving factors, shaking up traditional stalwarts and making them vulnerable to digital incumbents unhindered by legacy infrastructure and its associated costs.

The opportunity in this new consumer-led world lies in how quickly corporates can adapt – requiring a reinvention of the sector as a whole to shape a ‘new normal’ that caters to all socio-economic groups.

At Absa CIB, we recognise that our role is far greater than simply tailoring solutions to the needs of our individual customers. We see ourselves as a strategic partner with a long-term commitment to our clients.

In leveraging data-driven insights on consumer behaviour, along with our deep knowledge and on-the-ground presence in African markets and our long-standing sector networks and relationships, we’re able to advise and support our clients to meet their operational requirements and growth ambitions.

And in the midst of the uncertainty of the global pandemic, we have further extended balance sheets, demonstrating our commitment to both the industry and our clients, as well as the long-term view we adopt in our relationships as we journey a brave new world together.

Isana Cordier

Head: Consumer Goods and Services

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