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Commercial Property is, and will remain, a bulwark of investment opportunities and the foundation for economic growth across sectors and regions.

While the most prominent segment of the investment-grade African property market was showing signs of strain before the global pandemic hit, a broader bankable property market was growing significantly. In the case of key markets such as Kenya, this was the result of astute property activity and risk-taking.

We have seen the office sector come under pressure due to an increase in vacancy rates, coupled with diminishing business confidence – and a long-term trend towards remote working, accelerated by Covid-19 – will further compound these issues. The pandemic has also placed unprecedented strain on the retail sector as a whole.

However, in contrast to the office and retail arenas, industrial property appears to be largely in sync in terms of the supply and demand balance at a macro level. There may also be an uptick in this arena as manufacturers and distributors consider the long-term implications of the pandemic in relation to diversifying supply chains and increasing capacity, which is likely to result in increased demand for factories and warehousing.

At Absa CIB we remain committed to supporting our clients in identifying investment opportunities during the pandemic and beyond.

Our team of multi-disciplinary experts continually assess markets and monitor risks, advising clients using a data-driven approach to identify real supply-demand imbalances that present opportunities.

We work closely with our clients to tailor the ideal funding structure for their commercial property and development needs – from expanding infrastructure to acquiring or replacing assets and financing projects.

Klaus-Dieter Kaempfer

Head Commercial Property Finance, Absa CIB

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