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A connected digital experience that gives you a holistic and comprehensive view of your banking activities across Africa

We are proud to welcome you to our game-changing digital platform that’s going to help us change the landscape of digital banking across Africa.

Absa Access

Our game-changing digital platform

Absa Access is a single sign-on platform that lets you manage your finances with speed and intelligence. It offers a one dashboard experience that gives you access to multiple products for greater visibility of your complete business portfolio. All with the peace of mind of world-class security. Absa Access’ multi benefit offering enables you to take charge of your financial world; so you can be more responsive and better equipped to make informed decisions to drive your business growth across the continent.

Absa Access, will help you turn your future ambitions into achievements that are well within reach, contact: for more details

Absa Corporate Investment Banking, expert solutions for your transactional banking needs.

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Africa driving the banking revolution

Matt Harcourt, Chief Financial Officer, explains how Covid-19 has disrupted traditional banking channels, including in-branch networks. The pandemic has challenged us to reimagine new channels that will enable our clients’ success on the continent. Through developing Absa Access, our new online single sign-on platform, we have created innovative banking that solves real-world business problems in a rapidly evolving business environment.


Innovation is key to unlocking Africa’s banking potential

A connected digital experience that gives you a holistic and comprehensive view of your banking activities across Pan-Africa.


Absa creates a better client experience and saves businesses time with API integration

Absa is investing in modern banking technologies that enable real-time payments to help our clients deliver a better client experience


Reduce fraud and improve efficiency with Absa’s digital cash management solutions

Improve financial controls and reduce the opportunities for fraud with Absa’s cash management team


Absa commits to growing African trade with award-winning online platform

Absa, recent winners at Global Finance’s 2020 World’s Best Corporate/Institutional Digital Banks Awards in Africa, is transforming trade on the continent.

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