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GTR Africa 2023

About GTR

Absa Corporate and Investment Bank is once again proud to sponsor the GTR Africa 2023 London event. Our focus, as a leading Pan-African bank is to empower businesses through our sustainable Trade Finance solutions. We aim to provide our clients with an opportunity to connect with industry experts across key markets with focus on innovation, trade and commodity flows, infrastructure, and the wider implications of the ever-changing global environment. We have the expertise, skills and data driven insights which will help you access sustainable trade solutions which are customised for your business. We would like to collaborate with you to maintain strong relationships with associates, such as the Development Finance Institutions (CDC and IFC) and FinTechs, to enable our clients to facilitate trade seamlessly. This, coupled with our trade experts in the import and export industry, will ensure that you have the right information available to make informed business decisions.

Connect with us to find out more information as we work with you to provide sustainable, efficient, and secure trade solutions.

The GTR Africa event held earlier this year in Cape Town, South Africa on March 16-17 provided a one of a kind event for the trade, supply chain, commodity and export finance community. Bohani Hlungwane, Head of Trade & Working Capital at Absa CIB and Msizi Khoza, Head of ESG at Absa CIB discuss the latest trends and developments impacting African trade, export, infrastructure financing and more.

As trade becomes more efficient and cost-effective, we can bring more small businesses into the fold, including youth and women-owned businesses who simply do not have the working capital to participate in the value chain. Kuben Pillay, Head of Trade and Working Capital Sales Commercial, Pan Africa, at Absa CIB and Mosa Tshabalala, Head of FI Trade Sales and Risk Distribution at Absa CIB unpack the Trade Finance gap and more.

Meet the team

Unlocking your potential with insight and sustainable solutions.


Kuben Pillay

Head: Trade and Working Capital Sales Commercial, Pan Africa Transactional Banking at Absa Corporate and Investment Banking

With more than 16 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry, Kuben has experience across Sales, Strategy and Operations. Currently he oversees the Southern Africa Region (South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana) Trade and Working Capital Business.

Kuben specialises in African Trade providing innovative trade and working capital financing solutions to corporates across the bank.


Bohani Hlungwane

Group head of Trade and Working Capital, Absa Corporate and Investment Bank

Bohani is a senior global corporate banker, thought leader on Africa Trade, Trade Finance & Working Capital specialist, speaker on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and business leader with 18 years’ experience in banking across geographies.


Mosa Tshabalala

Head of FI Trade Sales (International), Risk Distribution and Syndications

With more than 18 years of management experience in diverse financial institutions, Mosa Tshabalala has substantial experience in the banking sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. Coupled with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the international market dynamics and key players in the FI Trade and Risk Distribution space, Mosa has a proven record of integrity, results, productivity, and quality.


Michelle Knowles

Managing Director: Pan Africa Head of Trade and Working Capital Product at Absa Corporate and Investment Bank

During her 20 + years in the Banking industry, Michelle has spent a major part of her career in International Trade, holding several different roles and responsibilities. She is a member of the global advisory committee for Factors Chain International and appointed the Co-Chair of the BAFT Africa council in 2021, appointed to the BAFT Board in 2021 and appointed as BAFT Treasurer in 2023. In her current role as the Pan Africa Head of Trade and Working Capital Product, Michelle is responsible for executing the Trade and Working Capital Product and Digital strategy across Pan Africa. The evolution of Supply Chain Finance products and Digital Trade has been a key focus for her.


Denise Coppin

Head: International Coverage, United Kingdom and Europe at Absa Securities UK Ltd.

With more than twenty-five years of corporate banking expertise, Denise has honed her skills whilst working for several prominent international financial institutions. Her professional background and experience spans across specialising in International Trade Finance with a track record of completing numerous assignments throughout Europe. Denise has held pivotal leadership roles within multinational and client coverage teams in both the UK and South Africa, with a strong emphasis on cultivating prosperous partnerships with key clients. Denise is a passionate advocate for Africa and consistently advocates for trade and investment opportunities across the continent. Presently, in her role, Denise heads the International Client Coverage Division at Absa in the UK and Europe, based in London.

Thought leadership articles

Unlocking your potential with insight and sustainable solutions.


No more business-as-usual in African capital markets

For Africa to narrow a trade finance gap which is nearing $120bn per year, we need stakeholders to take a more nuanced approach to risk and partnerships in 2024.


A bridge over troubled waters, how digitalisation will close the African trade finance gap, further ESG and empower SMEs

Europe remains one of the most important continents for trade with Africa, but recent years have seen a decline relative to other regions, with a notable uptick in flows from China and MEA regions.


Absa leads the pack in support for SMEs

Small- and medium enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to Africa’s and South Africa’s economy. SMEs urgently need bank funding support to aid their survival through the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Through funding, small businesses can participate and benefit from the new growth opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). At Absa, we are committed to all our clients (big or small) and are determined to give them access to limitless possibilities.


It’s time to rethink how we do trade

Absa’s Abdul Yassim (Head of sales trade and working capital South Africa) and Ruth Ngulube (Head of trade and working capital in Zambia) unpack Covid-19’s effects on trade and how it will bounce back. They explain that despite the challenges South Africa and the region face, there are emerging solutions that will bring new opportunities into the industry.