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Cash Management

Make your money work for you

Innovative, secure, and efficient collections, payments, liquidity management and channel solutions that drive efficiencies.

Our in-depth understanding of the African continent, its regulatory framework, transactional landscape, payment solutions and settlements infrastructure guarantees you access to award winning expertise and tailored cash management solutions as we partner to optimise your business operations. We understand how to navigate complexity in challenging business environments while delivering seamless solutions to our pan African clients.


Electronic Collections

Process bulk and multiple collections simultaneously through Absa CIB’s intuitive, secure and cost-effective channels.

Our receiving capabilities cater for normal debit orders, electronic funds transfers (EFTs) as well as authenticated and non-authenticated collections, while managing and facilitating collections aligned to the regulatory requirements of the territories from which you are collecting funds.

Our electronic collections reporting capabilities provide a holistic view of successful, unsuccessful and disputed collections to simplify your reconciliations and drive efficiencies, mitigating the risk of errors.


Electronic Payments

Reduce your overall trade risk when you pay your suppliers, creditors, staff and regulators efficiently and securely using Absa CIB’s electronic payment solutions.

Our payment services can be structured based on your business needs allowing you to process payments only against available funds or against an existing credit facility. Benefit from the flexibility of making payments directly into a bank account or a mobile phone using cash send and mobile wallet.

Our Electronic Payments capability also enables real-time clearing to support immediate payment obligations.


Cash Handling Solutions

Mitigate the risk of holding large amounts of cash with Absa CIB’s cash handling solutions.

Manage your cash notes safely and efficiently with our comprehensive end-to-end cash handling solutions, including fully automated, manual, cash deposit ATM's, branches and kiosks to manage your specific cash handling requirements.


Card Solutions

Collect from your customers and manage your corporate spend with Absa CIB’s market-leading card solutions.

Our convenient and innovative acceptance solutions range from fixed, portable and integrated options to mobile devices and e-commerce solutions, supporting all major card service providers including Master Card, Visa, Amex, UPI and Diners.

We structure solutions from our range of products to support your corporate spend requirements.


Integrated Solutions

Process payment transactions seamlessly and securely direct from your bespoke line of business systems.

Absa CIB’s liquidity management structures enable you to have sight of your financial status across your investment and current accounts to make the most efficient use of your available cash and other liquidity assets. Benefit from integrated solutions which offer supplier validation, seamless payment processing and automated reconciliation capabilities.

Unlock efficiencies and eliminate ‘swivel-chairing’ between the line of business systems and your banking channel, reducing admin and the associated risks created by the manual processing of transactions.


Third-Party Fund Management

Gain full visibility and control of your entire trust or third-party accounts through our Absa CIB secure and intuitive

Third-Party Fund Management (TPFM) solution that allows you to open and close trust or third-party accounts, create and manage guarantees and process payments with ease and convenience. Benefit from our comprehensive reporting capabilities to support your reconciliation and reporting needs.

Our TPFM solution is perfectly suited for the requirements of Attorneys, Liquidators and deceased estate administrators.

Cross-border Payment

Cross-Border Payments

Make secure international and cross-border transactions with ease when you partner with Absa CIB.

Pay or receive funds seamlessly and securely using our International Banking solutions including Foreign Exchange, International Payments, Foreign Currency Accounts and Letters of Credit. We have a team of experts to provide you with advice and support throughout the journey with us.

Our cross-border payment solutions ensure a hassle-free travel experience as we provide foreign banknotes, an easy-to-use Cash Passport™ card and access to an Omnibus Travel Facility to make your trips that much easier.


Information & Reconciliation Services

Have full sight and control of your bank transactions, validate beneficiary bank accounts, receive transaction notifications and reconcile your accounts with ease when you partner with Absa CIB and make use of our information and reconciliation services.

Take control of your banking transactions with our Account Holder Verification, Notify me for Business, Deposit Identifier and Statement Delivery services.


Liquidity Optimisation

Optimise your cash balances with Absa CIB’s sweeping and notional pooling structures.

Our liquidity management structures enable businesses to have sight of current cash positions across investment and current accounts, making the most efficient use of available cash and other liquidity assets.



Absa CIB investment solutions offer flexible, low-risk and high-yield options that to meet your short-term investment needs.

We work with you to structure and customise competitively priced investment offerings to suit your requirements across options on tenure and fund access.

Working Capital

Working Capital

Align your cash flow cycles with our working capital management facilities that are strategically built to suit your unique business needs.

Our credit facilities are tailored to finance your working capital requirements with solutions to support you throughout the year or seasonally as required.


Balance Reporting

Manage your investment and current account structures seamlessly with Absa CIB’s online channel to create and manage sweeping structures at your own discretion.

Inform cash management decision-making with comprehensive group-level or account-level notional pooling interest reports and improve effectiveness and efficiencies of balance reporting.