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Proud Sponsors and Participants of the 16th CII-EXIM Bank Conclave

Fostering access between Indian and African business and governments to drive business between India and the African continent

The CII offers one of the largest gatherings of senior ministers, policy makers and business leaders from Africa and India across all sectors. It has seen Indian companies looking for business opportunities that go beyond the Government of India lines of credit. It has also initiated dialogue with other financial institutions in the African region, with competitive credit facilities to support business efforts by Indian companies

Absa will participate and has sponsored the following between July and November 2021. Three events as follows:

    • 16th CII-EXIM Bank Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnership .This will be held over 3 days from 13th to 15th July
      • Two speaking opportunities
        • Day1: Knowledge Session -  Aligning India  Africa bilateral trade agreement with AfCFTA
        • Day2: Plenary session3 - Harvesting growth opportunities in Africas agriculture
    • India – Africa Agriculture and Allied services conclave – will be held in September 2021
    • 2nd edition of the conference on Innovative Financing options for Africa will be held in 24-25th November 2021

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Absa will participate in and sponsor the 2nd CII Summit on Innovative Financing Partnership with Africa on 24 – 25 November 2021.


India-Africa Agriculture and Allied Services Conclave

This event aims to deepen the existing cooperation between India and Africa in Farm Mechanization, Irrigation Solutions, Food Processing and Value Addition, Inputs, Nutrients, Agrochemicals and Agriculture research and development


16th CII EXIM Bank Digital Conclave on India-Africa Project Partnership

The 16th edition of the Conclave will comprise various plenary and SERV Africa sessions. Absa is a platinum sponsor of three events and this is the first of the series. This first event offers two speaking opportunities


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