EVENTS | 24 – 25 NOVEMBER 2021

The Pan-African bank that
drives innovative solutions


The Pan-African bank that drives innovative solutions.

Igniting business growth across borders is only possible through the power of collaboration. It connects businesses to growth opportunities across borders, languages, and cultures.

We’re connecting businesses to endless possibilities by successfully facilitating access between Indian and African businesses, as well as governments.

Absa will sponsor and participate at the 2nd CII Summit on Innovative Financing Partnership with Africa in November 2021. And while last year’s events highlighted the commitment of India’s government for open markets and the support of the Indian industry to invest in Africa, this year the commitment to growth between our thriving continents continues.

As industry thought-leaders, we have on the ground knowledge and capabilities that give us a unique understanding and perspective of the Africa continent, and it’s endless possibilities. This makes us the perfect partner for growth.

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