The Absa Champagne
in Africa Festival

A globalised and proudly African platform sponsored
by Absa, giving our guests the opportunity to discover the finer things that
embody excellence and joie de vivre.

Join us in appreciating and enjoying exclusively curated travel, gastronomy
and premium experiences enhanced by the flavour and feeling of the
world’s best bubbly.

The Absa Champagne in Africa Festival

The Absa Champagne in Africa Festival comes to you live at Summer Place in Johannesburg.

Join us on a journey of discovery and indulgence with a fine dining experience, art exhibition and of course, our expert selection of premium and delectable champagne. It’s a feast for the senses. Join us as we celebrate the taste of unrivalled success.

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The Champagne MOOC

Take your love and appreciation for Champagne to the next level by expanding your knowledge and expertise through the Champagne Massive Open Online Course. This simple to follow educational course will transform you from a consumer to a connoisseur.  Take a virtual tour of the Champagne region and learn from global industry professionals. Watch this video to find out more

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Timeless Elegance: De Venoge Champagne

As we raise our glasses to celebrate the festive season, it seems fitting to delve into the world of a renowned Champagne house that has stood the test of time with grace and sophistication. De Venoge stands for excellence, heritage, and nearly two centuries of crafting fine Champagne.


Champagne Boizel – “One family, one house, one tradition”

Interview with David Rieu, Export Manager Champagne Boizel. Welcome to a rainy Johannesburg! I believe you have just got off the plane from France?


Champagne Pol Roger – the most British of Champagnes

Interview with Derek Kilpin, Managing Director – Great Domaines


Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte – Unleash the bubbles!

“While Champagne is a truly exceptional product, not only exceptional events deserve Champagne.” Nicolas Feuillatte


Bruno Paillard – A Dream Come True

Interview with Philipp G. Axt of 4G-Wines


Champagne Liébart-Régnier – Perfect for savouring and sharing

Interview with Tarryn Vincent, Sales Director, Reciprocal Wine Company


A legacy of Roman tribes, monks and kings!

Champagne is a sparkling wine synonymous with celebration, elegance and luxury. The wine’s name comes from the Champagne region in north-eastern France, where the delectable bubbles were first produced in the 17th century. The history of Champagne is a tale of innovation, luxury and resilience influenced by the events that shaped France since the 1600s.


Deutz – It’s a love story!

Interview with DR Kgaoelo Ntshwana and Itumeleng Mamabolo of Makhoi, the Champagner Official Importer & Distributor – Champagne Deutz.


Champagne Taittinger – Fun Facts

Taittinger is the 3rd oldest Champagne House, but for nearly 2 centuries it was known as Forest-Fourneaux. In 1734 Jacques Fourneaux learned from the Benedictine monks under the guidance of Brother Oudart, who worked with Dom Perignon – both early developers of sparkling wine.


Champagne Taittinger – it’s a family affair

“Being a family business involves different choices: we invest with our hearts; we invest for the long term in order to preserve and develop as best as possible a heritage inherited from previous generations to pass it on to future generations.” Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger


Chapitre de la Fleur de Vigne – Palace of Versailles

The Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne brought together more than 400 guests from around 20 countries for its Chapitre de la Fleur de Vigne held on June 5th in the prestigious setting of the Orangerie at the Palace of Versailles.


Philipponnat Champagne – La Champagne au Coeur (Champagne in our Hearts)

Interview with Francois Philipponnat, Export Manager


Louis Roederer Champagne

Interview with Export Director of Roederer: Alexis Deligny


Champagne Besserat de Bellefon

Interview with Sarah Simson of Le Gloug Gloug


Lallier – rooted in the past but looking to the future

Interview with Hervé Delabesse, Founder and General Manager at Premier Cru Wines


Drappier Champagne – underrated and simply wow!

Interview with Jolette Steyn, Head of Sales and Imports, Wine Cellar


Interview with South African Dignitaire of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, Shaun Anderson

You’ve recently returned from a visit to Champagne, and you had the honour of meeting the newly elected Commandeur of the Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. Can you tell us a little about the Order and what it does?


Passion, boldness and a free spirit, that’s Laurent Perrier!

Interview with Maher Zeidan, Director LAPD wines about why he loves Laurent Perrier Champagne


Together to the Top – Champagne Mailly

Interview with Paul Gerber, Winemaker Colmant


Great food, great wine in ‘mama’s kitchen’

Interview with Elena and George Dalla Cia, Pane e Vino – Part 2So enchanted were we with Elena and George’s stories, not least the delicious food, that we needed two articles! If you are looking for authentic Italian food served in a cosy environment – look no further.


Italians are not just ‘pizza, pasta, mafia’

Interview with Elena Zichella Dalla Cia, Pane e Vino – Part 1. Tucked away from the tourist area, in one of the oldest parts of Stellenbosch, is a hidden gem on what is de facto the shortest wine route. Here you will find the delightful, authentic Italian restaurant – Pane e Vino.


Lanson – What’s not to love?

“Lanson, it’s all about Love.” This is the Maison’s tagline and it is enshrined in the emblem based on the Maltese Cross, adopted by the founder’s son who was a member of the Order of Malta (the oldest charity worldwide, founded in 1048). Lanson, even the name is winsome!


Champagne Tasting Sheet

Download this handy tasting sheet to record your impressions of your Champagne tasting journey.


We let our wines do the talking

Interview with Antoine Roland-Billecart Deputy General Manager There are days when we just love our job, and this was one of them! We had the pleasure of interviewing Antoine via Zoom, while sitting in our wonderful new office at the Old Mill in Stellenbosch. Clear blue skies and a curious sunbird provided a congenial backdrop to our chat about Champagne, all in that charming French accent! The only improvement would have been if we were actually sitting in Champagne. Oh wait… our Club Champagne founder is there right now, but more on that later.


Champagne – it’s for sharing!

Interview with Pierre Hermé by Bulles & Millésimes Pierre Hermé is world famous for his macaroons and pastry… and he has a passion for Champagne. He was awarded the title of World's Best Pastry Chef in 2016 by the World's 50 Best Restaurants and as the fourth most influential French person in the World by Vanity Fair in 2016.


Champagne of the Millenium

What should every Billecart-Salmon lover know? We asked Antoine Roland-Billecart (Deputy General Manager) what makes Billecart--Salmon different?


Stimulate All the Senses at Les Créatifs

The Champagne in Africa team had the good fortune to interview Chef Wandile Mabaso creative food artist, owner and Chef of Les Créatifs Restaurant in Bryanston, whilst savouring the delicious lunch menu.


Beginner’s Guide to Touring Champagne

Champagne is easily accessible North east of Paris, 45 minutes by train (TGV) or an hour and half by car, offering far more than just a chance to sample the delectable bubbles.


Champagne Themed Dinner Party for 4

Here are some menu ideas to give your dinner party maximum wow with minimum fuss. Summer is coming and that usually means we want to step up our entertainment game. The team at Champagne in Africa love any excuse to celebrate, but we’re also keen to do so without it becoming ‘mission impossible’. We’ve provided you with two stylish yet simple options for each course. All you have to do is select and start playing in the kitchen. Add a few candles, flowers and pretty napkins and you’re good to go!


Absa Champagne Festival 2018

Take a sneak peak at the Absa Champagne Festival 2018. The ultimate celebration of style and excellence in a glass!


Champagne Bollinger Did you know?

Interesting facts about The House of Bollinger


Interview with Ginette de Fleuriot CWM

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ginette de Fleuriot, Cape Wine Master and Marketing Manager for Vinimark Wine Company. Lily Bollinger is revered as one of the great ladies of Champagne – a traditionally male dominated world.


What is so special about Champagne?

To understand why it is such an exceptional wine, it’s important to know a little of the history and art of champagne making.

The Champagne in Africa team support enjoying life and the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages are not for persons under the age of 18. Please remember to drink responsibly.