Is it time to reimagine
Black Friday in the African


Consume This, CGS Monthly: Volume 3, Black Friday 2023

The latest edition of the Consume This newsletter is here and this time, we are unpacking how the relationship between African consumers and consumer events has taken a turn.

In the last 18 months, the financial health of the average consumer on the African continent has been under pressure from rising inflation, fuel and electricity, and increasing interest rates from policymakers. In this edition of Consume This, we delve into how this has affected consumers.

While interest rates rise, we have seen a shift in how consumers shop for fast-moving consumer goods. 34% of consumers buy whichever brands are on promotion, while 46% focus on essentials. Data also shows us that 40% of South African consumers shop at discount stores more often.

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We also look at Black Friday before and after COVID-19 and ask the question; are retailers innovative enough?

Here are more of the insights you can look forward to discovering in this edition:

  • What retailers are doing to help the struggling consumer?
  • The third emerging trend we are following in eCommerce
  • Will we see a drop in socially conscious product sales?

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Is it time to re-imagine Black Friday in the African context?

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