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Africa Financial Markets Index 2020

The 2020 Absa Africa Financial Markets Index report launch will provide an in-depth look into the continent’s financial markets.

Going live on 14 October 2020, the fourth edition of the annual Absa Financial Markets Index report provides an in-depth look into the continent's untapped market potential.

Highlighting more than 40 indicators for 23 African countries, the report sheds light on the attractiveness of Africa’s capital markets for policy makers, investors and asset managers around the world. Looking to broaden access to foreign exchange and improve market transparency, it focuses on six key pillars:


Pillar 1

Market depth

Examines size, liquidity and diversity of products in markets, as well as countries' efforts to merge exchanges and launch new markets.



Pillar 2

Access to foreign exchange

Looks at factors that impact market's accessibility to international investors, including the severity of capital controls, exchange rate reporting standards and levels of foreign exchange liquidity.


Pillar 3

Market transparency, tax and regulatory environment

Assesses countries' regulatory and tax environment for financial markets, as well as transparency and enforcement of accounting rules.


Pillar 4

Capacity of local investors

Examines the sizeof local investors, assessing the level of local demand against supply of assets available in each market.




Pillar 5

Macroeconomic opportunity

Evaluates economic performance, financial risks and financial transparency, demonstrated availability of data, open monetary policy communication and the timely release of state budgets.



Pillar 6

Legality and enforceability of standard
financial markets master agreements

Measures how well countries have adopted internationally accepted legal standards, the enforcement of netting and collateral positions, and insolvency regime adequacy.

Seize the opportunity to take a deeper look into Africa’s blooming investment landscape with us.

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