EVENT | 4 MARCH 2021

South Africa Chamber of
Commerce Singapore
Budget Speech Webinar


This insightful webinar unpacks the implications of the 2021 Budget Speech from a global perspective in association with South African Chamber of Commerce Singapore, St James Place and Absa Corporate Investment Bank.

What's the outlook from here? Watch to find out more.

Guest speakers: Jeff Gable - Head of Research at CIB and Michael Booth - Associate partner of St James Place

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Absa leads the pack in support for SMEs

Small- and medium enterprises (SMEs) are crucial to Africa’s and South Africa’s economy. SMEs urgently need bank funding support to aid their survival through the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Through funding, small businesses can participate and benefit from the new growth opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). At Absa, we are committed to all our clients (big or small) and are determined to give them access to limitless possibilities.


Africa driving the banking revolution

Matt Harcourt, Chief Financial Officer, explains how Covid-19 has disrupted traditional banking channels, including in-branch networks. The pandemic has challenged us to reimagine new channels that will enable our clients’ success on the continent. Through developing Absa Access, our new online single sign-on platform, we have created innovative banking that solves real-world business problems in a rapidly evolving business environment.


It’s time to rethink how we do trade

Absa’s Abdul Yassim (Head of sales trade and working capital South Africa) and Ruth Ngulube (Head of trade and working capital in Zambia) unpack Covid-19’s effects on trade and how it will bounce back. They explain that despite the challenges South Africa and the region face, there are emerging solutions that will bring new opportunities into the industry.


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Small businesses face big risks when they make international payments. Here’s how to mitigate those risks – and prevent possible financial disaster.