Absa Africa Financial
Markets Index 2021


No other report dives deeper into Africa’s true potential.23 surveyed economies, with insights and tools across 6 metrics – geared towards highlighting Africa’s growth potential.

Expanding and deepening financial markets across Africa is vital to the next stage of development across the continent. This year’s Absa Africa Financial Markets Index shows that we don’t have to travel very far to find true growth potential. It lives right here on home soil.

The report surveys 23 economies and provides insights and tools across 6 metrics:-

  • Market depth
  •  Access to foreign exchange
  • Market transparency and regulation
  • Capacity of local investors
  • Macroeconomic opportunity
  • Enforceability of international financial agreements

We are once again proud to bring you this report, which through expert analysis of African financial markets, draws attention to the considerable investment opportunities that live right here in Africa.

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