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With on-the-ground presence in 10 African countries and an extensive track record in a further 20 countries, we enable trade across a range of foreign exchange products on OTC and exchange-traded markets.

World-leading industry and product expertise for African FX executions.

We offer world-class foreign exchange (FX) risk management solutions for our corporate, business and institutional clients, through our market-leading and award-winning Global Markets products and services. Our extensive experience and deep local knowledge is underpinned by our global standards and robust governance. With our global connectivity and local differentiation, we operate at the core of your organisation’s Africa strategy.

FX Series

Find out more about Absa’s expectations for FX in 2021 and onwards in this series of podcasts by Mike Keenan, our Head of Fixed Income and Currency Research.

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Unlocking your potential with insight and sustainable solutions.

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Black Friday: Retail’s Untold FX Story

Behind the Black Friday deals and festive season sales there’s an untold story of how retailers need to mitigate their foreign exchange risk.


The Certainty of Forward Exchange Rate Contracts

In the foreign exchange world, forward exchange rate contracts act like insurance policies against currency volatility. In this episode of Coffee Break Commerce, we explore what that means for businesses.


The Digital Bridge for Africa’s Trade Finance Gap

Trade is a crucial driver for Africa’s economic growth and recovery – and digitalised trade finance is key to making that happen


Make Better Decisions with this FX Management Tool

How Absa Hedgebook gives corporate treasurers access to live currency and FX risk management, as well as interactive forecasting and scenario planning.


Corporate Treasury through Crisis

Why banks and corporate treasurers are forging new relationships based on co-creation and true business partnership


Keeping your Digital FX Safe

The global marketplace is a world of opportunity – and risk. How do our systems keep your cross-border transactions safe?


Managing FX liquidity in frontier markets

Frontier markets are a subset of emerging markets that are considered to be riskier than developed markets – and from a foreign exchange (forex, or FX) perspective, they’re characterised by volatile currencies. But there’s tremendous value to be found here.


Prudential Limits, Revisited

Prudential limits determine how much local asset managers can invest offshore. In this episode of Coffee Break Commerce, we examine how recent changes to those exchange controls have impacted the market


The Future of African Banking

Three key digital trends that are shaping banking in Africa, and how Absa CIB is working with fintechs to co-create that future


FX Solutions for Global Citizens

How Absa’s foreign exchange solutions cater to Wealth clients’ specific needs


Surviving Africa’s Dollar Drought

How Absa is supporting Africa’s corporate treasurers through the crisis of US dollar hard currency liquidity shortages



After months of strength, the mighty US dollar may soon weaken. What would that mean for foreign exchange (forex, or FX) and emerging market currencies?


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