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With on-the-ground presence in 10 African countries and an extensive track record in a further 20 countries, we enable trade across a range of foreign exchange products on OTC and exchange-traded markets.

World-leading industry and product expertise for African FX executions.

We offer world-class foreign exchange (FX) risk management solutions for our corporate, business and institutional clients, through our market-leading and award-winning Global Markets products and services. Our extensive experience and deep local knowledge is underpinned by our global standards and robust governance. With our global connectivity and local differentiation, we operate at the core of your organisation’s Africa strategy.

FX Series

Find out more about Absa’s expectations for FX in 2021 and onwards in this series of podcasts by Mike Keenan, our Head of Fixed Income and Currency Research.

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What Policy Rate Hikes Mean For The Rand

Central banks continue to increase policy rates. Find out what that means for the rand in this episode of Coffee Break Commerce.


Safer, Better FX with the Global Code

How the FX Global Code keeps foreign exchange transactions secure and in line with global best practice – and why Absa insists that all parties adhere to it


Why Is The Rand Under-performing Against Its Peers?

The rand has weakened sharply in recent months. Is the South African currency trading at appropriate levels, or is it undervalued? Find out in this episode of Coffee Break Commerce.


Loadshedding, Greylisting, The Budget & The Rand

The Rand's reaction to the recently delivered 2023 budget speech.


FX Hedging in a Risk-on/Risk-off Environment

As non-economic events send markets spinning into risk-on/risk-off uncertainty, corporate treasurers must be agile when responding to foreign exchange volatility


Foreign Exchange risks and opportunities in 2023

Financial markets and currency exchanges have been rocked by recent trends and events. Amid high inflation, currency volatility, and local challenges, how should businesses manage their foreign exchange (forex, or FX) risks and exposures? Chris Paizis, Head of Corporate FX and International Banking at Absa Group, shares his outlook for 2023, and highlights the importance of seizing opportunities within the crises.


2022: The Year in FX

What shaped the rand in 2022, and how are currency markets looking as we head into the new year? Find out in our year-ending episode of Coffee Break Commerce. 


Rapid Payments: Quicker than Cash

An exciting change is shaking up South Africa’s payments landscape, with rapid payments offering a viable digital alternative to cash payments … and providing plenty of room for innovation


2022: Reflections on a Year of Crisis

Rand weakness, dollar strength, war in Europe and challenges at home and across the globe. How will FX markets remember the year?


Mitigating Black Friday FX Risks

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are a year-end highlight for retailers and consumers alike. Here’s how to ensure volatile currency exchange rates don’t spoil the party


A Different Kind of Debt Instrument

The South African government recently issued a new floating-rate note. What does it offer, and what does the market reaction reveal about the state of local credit markets?


The Digital Currency Revolution

The South African Reserve Bank has announced plans to regulate digital currencies. What does this mean for banks, investors, and consumers? Find out in this episode of our Absa Insights podcast.


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