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Access a world of possibilities with Absa’s foreign
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With on-the-ground presence in 10 African countries and an extensive track record in a further 20 countries, we enable trade across a range of foreign exchange products on OTC and exchange-traded markets. Partner with our award-winning pan-African FX team, and leverage the strength of our intellectual capital, access to African markets and leading technology platforms.


Partner with a pan-African FX expert

We trade on behalf of our clients across a range of foreign exchange products on OTC and exchange-traded markets. These include spot, forwards, swaps, options and futures trading.

Leverage our global experience and African expertise to grow your global business. Our FX Sales and Trading Teams are backed by world-class research, giving us a dynamic view of your FX exposures and providing bespoke solutions to real-word challenges.

Understanding current account deficits

FX Series

Find out more about Absa’s expectations for FX in 2021 and onwards in this series of podcasts by Mike Keenan, our Head of Fixed Income and Currency Research.

Absa’s foreign exchange expertise

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Centralising your FX Risk

Remote working has broken down organisational borders, enabling multinational businesses to manage their FX risk from a single, centralised location.


Transactional Trends

It has been said that 2020 was a year of survival and 2021 will arguably be the inflection point that presents pathways out of the pandemic.


Mitigating the Climate Crisis and Driving Inclusive Growth

Africa is facing the triple challenge of inequality, climate change and the post-pandemic economic recovery. How can sustainable finance drive much-needed change?


Remittances: Africa’s Growing Market

Cross-border remittances now outweigh foreign direct investment into Africa. What does the future hold for this key market?


How to Hedge Your Agri/FX Risk

In a commodity-heavy industry like agriculture, what’s the best way to reduce the foreign exchange (FX) risk?


Understanding the current account deficit

Find out what the current account deficit is and how it impacts the exchange rate.


The Next Step in FX Risk Management

Most aspects of modern life are managed via smartphone. Now, with a new Absa Access Mobile app, businesses can manage their foreign exchange (FX) risk on the go, too.


2021: Cautious Optimism for FX

After the fear and uncertainty of 2020, there’s cause for optimism as 2021 shapes up to be a very different year for foreign exchange (FX)


Innovation is key to unlocking Africa’s banking potential

A connected digital experience that gives you a holistic and comprehensive view of your banking activities across Pan-Africa.


Open Borders, Open Business

As borders reopen after the Covid-19 lockdown, what opportunities are there for South African businesses in Africa, and what role does foreign exchange (FX) play in helping those businesses grow?

Risk Management

Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Virtual Conference

The Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Conference, to be held virtually from 19-20 March 2021, will bring together senior executives from Pension Funds with Regulators, Asset Managers, Financial Advisors, and other stakeholders, to engage in meaningful discussions on the way forward for the sector.


Leadership: Playing offensive or defensive

Absa Group's Managing Director Transactional Banking African Regional Operations Thabo Makoko has a clear message to stakeholders.


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