TradeTech Europe 2023 : 17 – 19 April

Your all-access pass to
unlocking African and
global markets

17 - 19 April

TradeTech Europe 2023

We will bring African markets into the spotlight with our unique Pan-African approach, innovative solutions, and swift trading capabilities at Europe’s leading equity trading conference, 17 – 19 April. As a digitally-led African bank with a full suite of electronic capabilities and access across target sectors within Africa, we’re committed to creating partnerships to unlock and grow sustainable trading opportunities across the continent and globally, from the inside out.

Trade Tech Europe is an opportunity to benchmark with Europe’s leading buy side Heads of equity trading. Merlin Rajah, Head of Equities Electronic Product shares some of the insights that can be expected at this conference and why it is important for Absa to be part of the event.

Meet the team

We are committed to strategically partnering with you to unlock sustainable possibilities


Garth Klintworth

Head: Global Markets


Chris Edwards

Head: Prime Services, Index and ETF


Merlin Rajah

Head: Equities Electronic Product


Rufaro Mapanda

Head: Equities Trading

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