The history of the Rand


Absa has seen the history of the Rand because we’ve been right beside it, every step of the way

Since 1994 we’ve seen the incredible journey the Rand has been on because we’ve been stepping right alongside it, here is our retrospective view of the history of the Rand.

Video highlights:

  • In 1994 it was almost R4 to the dollar. We’ve seen policies come and politicians go. We’ve seen the incredible journey the Rand has been on for a quarter of a century.
  • The first seven years of freedom saw a nation swelling with pride even as markets shifted and crises came and went.
  • Sound economic policies, attractive deals and deep markets have given global fund markets a reason to cast their eyes upon our shores.
  • We look at the highs and lows of the Rand and what has impacted its fall and growth.

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