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Consume This, CGS Monthly: Volume 3, Mar 2023

Since 2006, influencer marketing has grown to a $21.1 billion industry in 2023. Figures such as these show that brands can’t ignore the purchasing power of these types of online marketing partnerships.

With the latest edition of the Consume This newsletter, we put influencer marketing in the spotlight to provide research-based insights that guide you to leverage emerging trends and future-proof for potential challenges.

In the newsletter, we explore this topic more in-depth with articles such as:

  • Leveraging the power of influencer marketing in the beverages industry
  • A “Prime” example of the power of influencer marketing?
  • March 2023 Merchant Spend Analysis

Discover how Prime Hydration enhanced the brand’s visibility in the highly competitive beverage industry through influencer marketing, from both a global and South African perspective.

An analysis of the Prime launch provides location-specific insights that give an overview of what is happening in the real world through an innovative combination of new and disparate datasets. The newsletter is completed with the March 2023 Merchant Spend Analysis, which digs into the effect of inflation and interest rate hikes on consumer spending.

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