Online Electronic Collections

An intuitive, integrated and cost-effective Online Electronic Collection solution that enables you to manage collections processes
and debtor books seamlessly.


Your business and money can work smarter for you with Absa CIB's accurate, insightful and tailored Online Electronic Collections platform. Our intuitive, integrated and cost-effective solution enables businesses to manage collections process and debtor's books seamlessly, processing debit orders and DebiCheck transactions quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Features include: 

  1. One, streamlined view of your overall collections book performance.
  2. Customised online debtor management.
  3. View, filter and manage unpaid transactions in real-time.
  4. Reporting that enables strategic and accurate decision-making.
    • Maximise the ability of your business to collect accross multiple debtors.
    • Reduce the risk and administrative cost of handling physical cash.
    • Download and print reports for accurate reconciliation and to inform more strategic outcomes.

Absa CIB's Online Electronic Collections is quick to set up and easy to use, giving you greater control over your finances and more time to do business and realise your growth ambitions faster.

Absa Online Electronic Collections is an intuitive, integrated and cost-effective solution that enables our clients to manage collections process and debtor book seamlessly- Ernest Chikoto, Product Head of Domestic Collections

Solutions Overview

An intuitive and efficient way to manage your business collections processes and debtor books


Collection ability

  • No need to wait for debtors to initiate a payment
  • Multiple collections services to maximise collection abilities
  • Reduces the risk and cost of handling physical cash
  • Certainty of the cash flow position
  • Digital collection capabilities

Online debtor management

  • Debtors and contracts are created and maintained on the collection channels
  • Seamless management of debtors and collections in one channel
  • Multiple contracts linked to one debtor

Unpaid debts and arrears management

  • Real-time viewing of unpaid bills and arrears
  • Simplified and digitised processes for resubmission of outstanding payments
  • Management and tracking of unpaid bills

Reporting and reconciliation action

  • Real-time viewing of the collection results enabling collection strategies
  • Downloadable and printable reports to inform internal reconciliation and reporting processes

Access Absa CIB's Online Electronic Collection solution

An award-winning online platform

In the ever-changing business landscape, Absa CIB continues to find innovative ways to ensure that your business has access to best-in-class solutions that are accessible, efficient and secure.
Online Electronic Collections platform is an intuitive, integrated and cost-effective solution that enables you to manage your collections process and debtors' books seamlessly while processing your debit orders and DebiCheck transactions quickly and accurately.

If your business is already using Absa Access, simply login and select Online Collections. If you are a new user, please contact us for access.



Online Electronic Collections is accessed through our Absa Access platform, allowing for a single point and one set of user credentials to access the transactional banking services.




Experience the simplicity of our Online Collections with our intuitive, integrated and cost-effective solution. No matter where you are the channel can be accessed 24/7.



Our industry-leading two-factor authentication provides the highest level of security for your business transactions. The platform has different levels of security that protects your business against potential fraud.

Absa Awards

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