EVENTS | 25 JUNE 2020

Live webinar addresses key
commercial property prospects
across Africa


Absa CPF, in association with API, will unpack Africa’s post-COVID infrastructure needs.

In a post-COVID world, African economies are focusing on increasing internal manufacturing and infrastructure. Commercial property development has a critical role to play in this growth.

Held in association with commercial and industrial property specialists API, the Commercial Property Finance webinar is a critical networking event for African real estate investment and development industry professionals who are interested in learning more about these growth opportunities.

Explore opportunities in this interactive event

A panel of experts will discuss future-view scenarios of different African economies post-COVID, with a specific focus on the property industry.

These conversations will address key issues that large property investors, major developers, leading financiers, and C-level real estate-focused executives are asking with regards to the African commercial and industrial property markets and prospects.

Viewers of the live event will be able to ask questions and network with other attendees.

Will there be a surge of commercial and industrial property investment opportunities across the continent as Africa looks within to build infrastructure post-COVID? Join the discussion to discover where a panel of experts believe the biggest opportunities lie.

Join the conversation

  • The Commercial Property Finance Webinar in association with API will be held on 27 August 2020 at 2pm SAST.
  • The discussion will review the commercial and industrial property development sector across the continent in a post-COVID world.

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