Liquidity that’s solid


The business world is a complex operating environment. Organisations need efficient liquidity plans to mitigate the risks of their business settings.

A solid liquidity plan ensures short-term obligations can be met and cash flows streamlined. The challenge is to identify and implement a solution that takes the uniqueness of a business into account.

Fortunately, Absa’s tailored Trade Finance and Working Capital solutions do. Designed for fit-for-purpose planning, effective risk mitigation, and self-assured trading, our tailored Working Capital solutions are optimising organisations throughout Africa.

Our vast experience in both domestic and international markets enable businesses to:

  • Fund and manage risks in Pan-African markets while optimising working capital;
  • Accelerate cash conversion cycles and mitigates risks for hassle-free transacting; and
  • Consolidate all trade financing needs.

Watch as Head of Sales and Trade Finance, Kuben Pillay, as he explains why the trade and working capital product is important for businesses and how it mitigates financial risk for businesses.

Watch as Head of Transactional Banking Sales, John Molanda, explains what Trade and Working Capital is and how it helps businesses.

Solutions Overview

In today’s complex operating environment, you need seamless, digital-first solutions delivered in the simplest, most efficient manner so that you can get business done.


Trade Finance Solutions

We provide solutions that fund and help manage all the risks involved in Africantrade, all while optimising your working capital. In today’s Pan-African markets, you

need a bank that understands African risk and that offers you nothing less than

informed, bespoke solutions and advice.

Solutions include:

  • Letters of credit
  • Guarantees
  • Documentary collections
  • Avalised bill and letter of credit discounting
  • Escrows
  • Pre- and post-shipment finance (offered in usd or local currency )
  • Customer foreign currency account
  • Usd and local currency trade loans
  • Foreign currency trade loans
  • Secondary market risk participation
  • Portfolio management
  • Letter of credit refinancing

Facilitating trade flows into, out of and between African countries through our Absa Trade Hub

Capabilities include:

  • A single-entry and processing point;
  • The right price; and
  • Enhanced, bespoke, value-adding, innovative solutions.

Domestic short-term finance solutions

We offer digital-first solutions that help you accelerate your access to cash, thereby optimising your cash conversion cycles and mitigating risk at your convenience, ensuring fast, efficient and hassle-free transacting.

In ensuring that we cater to your credit risk appetite, we’ve tailored our borrowing and working capital solutions to meet your needs.

Capabilities include:

  • Overdrafts
  • Overnight loans
  • Domestic trade loans
  • Receivables finance (with and without recourse)
  • Supplier finance
  • Islamic trade loans
  • Accounts receivable and inventory finance

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