Lanson – What’s not to love?


“Lanson, it’s all about Love.” This is the Maison’s tagline and it is enshrined in the emblem based on the Maltese Cross, adopted by the founder’s son who was a member of the Order of Malta (the oldest charity worldwide, founded in 1048). Lanson, even the name is winsome!

I chatted to Christine Lundy (Marketing and Public Relations Manager for Great Domaines) and Emmanuel Gantet (Overseas Export Director at Champagne Lanson & Champagne Tsarine) about what makes Lanson Champagne special.

I see that Lanson is celebrating over 260 years in business, that’s quite an achievement…

Yes, we are the fourth oldest Champagne House, established in 1760, pre the French Revolution. Currently, we have the sixth generation of the same family running the business and we’re proud to have maintained our family traditions and to have remained independent.

What has been the secret to such a long and distinguished history?

We make great Champagne and only Champagne!

We also have longstanding and cherished partnerships based on our shared values. We are extremely proud to be an official supplier to the British Royal Family and a Royal Warrant Holder since 1860. We have also been associated with the Wimbledon Championships for 47 years, becoming the official Champagne at this prestigious tournament in 2001. In addition, we have been the official supplier to the Monaco court for over 50 years.

We draw on the strong traditions and values, but we have also embraced modernity and farming for the future.

We have good relationships with our growers who share our pursuit of excellence. We have access to more than one hundred different crus, 50% of which are Grand Crus and Premier Crus. Our new labels specify the blends, aging and dosage as part of our commitment to quality and transparency.

Impressive endorsements – and Lanson also has a strong link to French gastronomy?

Fine dining, elegance and superior Champagnes go hand in hand. World renowned Chef Alain Ducasse has partnered with Lanson for over 20 years, and he has his own label ‘Selection Alain Ducasse Brut Champagne’.

We are planning food pairing events with Michelin star chefs from the UK, USA and Russia in 2022. These will be exclusive recipes designed to honour our vintage cuvées and reflect our distinctive style.

What is distinctive about your style?

Lanson is one of the few houses to remain true to Champagne’s original non-malolactic style. From our flagship Black Label NV through to Clos Lanson. Non-malolactic means we have only two fermentations, which allows for our signature freshness, fruitiness and an unusually long aging ability. If you want a quality wine that will age exceptionally well, Lanson is the house for you!

Chef de cave Hervé Dantan is doing a remarkable job maintaining our signature style with his emphasis on quality and consistency.

Which Champagne would you recommend for the festive season?

Our multi-award-winning Brut Rosé NV Champagne is a blend of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. It has a delicate pink colour, together with hints of fresh, succulent berries, making this the perfect choice for the festive season because it can be enjoyed on its own, or with salmon, turkey and even with light trifles, berry desserts or with cheese at the end of a traditional meal.

Then there’s our Noble range which is our premier offering for good reason: We use only Grand Crus and from the first press of exceptional vintages. We also have extremely limited quantities, so these are collector-worthy.

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