HedgeNews Africa Symposium 2023

Nurturing steady returns
with a unique touch

HedgeNews Africa Symposium 2023

Now in its 14th year, the symposium will shine a light on South Africa’s hedge fund industry

Leveraging key industry players insights to guide unique solutions for sustainable returns.

We are proud to join top fund managers, investors, and service providers in crafting an agenda that educates, interrogates, and inspires. With more than five years of growth and development, coupled with our global affiliate support, we are positioned as the natural partner for a diverse and sophisticated client base.Our Prime Services Team boasts on-the-ground presence in 10 African countries and an extensive deal track record in a further 20 countries internationally.We invite you to leverage the strength of our intellectual capital, access, and understanding of African markets and our leading technology platforms.

Speak to us today and join us as we mould and grow a prosperous return for your investment.The bravery to imagine. Thats Africanacity.

Watch as Head Distribution: Index and Structured Solutions, Vuyo Nogantshi shares what his role at Absa CIB entails and what can be expected at the 2023 Hedge News Africa Symposium taking place on 9 March 2023.

Meet the team

We are committed to strategically partnering with you to lock sustainable possibilities



Head: Prime Services, Index and ETF


Vuyo Nogantshi

Head: Distribution Index and Structured Solutions


Adam Reeves

Senior specialist: Index and Structured Solutions


Sarshnee Pather

Prime Services: Client Coverage


Fundi Pikashe

VP: Structured Solutions


Henk Kruger

Head: Linear Derivatives & Equity Finance


Jozua Booysen

Head: Fund Linked Solutions


Chris Kloppers

Fund Structurer: Fund Linked Solutions


Kea Mooki

Quantitative Fund Analyst: Fund Link Solutions

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