Nurturing steady returns with
a unique pan-African touch


HedgeNews Africa Symposium 9 March 2022, Cape Town.

The symposium, now in its 13th year, will once again feature key industry players sharing insights on navigating risk toward long-term returns.

We are also pleased to announce that the symposium will resume its traditional in-person programming and networking agenda this year, as we collaborate with top fund managers, investors, and service providers to create keynote sessions and interactive panel discussions that educate, interrogate, and inspire.

Our Prime Services Team boasts on-the-ground presence in 10 African countries and an extensive deal track record in a further 20 countries internationally.

Absa Prime Services offers clients a holistic capital markets approach via an integrated platform, including:

  • Prime broking
  • Futures execution and clearing
  • Securities lending and borrowing
  • Innovative fixed income and equity financing capabilities
  • Multi-asset class real and synthetic exposure access
  • Sophisticated margining solutions
  • Award-winning technologies, analytics and execution services
  • Integrated with Fund Linked Solutions platform

We invite you to leverage the strength of our intellectual capital, access and understanding of African markets and our leading technology platforms. Speak with us today to cultivate and grow a profitable return on your investment.

The bravery to imagine. That’s Africanacity

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