Digital footprints show
retailers what shoppers are
waiting to buy on Black Friday

Isana Cordier Author

Isana Cordier

Head: Consumer Goods and Services


Isana Cordier unpacks the trends around Black Friday based on data

In this instalment of the 2019 Absa Insights Series, Isana Cordier, Head: Consumer Goods and Services, CIB Absa reveals what buying data and digital footprints tells us about how consumers in South Africa are spending on Black Friday.

Video highlights:

  • Absa has the largest card acquiring data in the market with more than 70% of the market share on POS (point of sale) machines, as well as card acquirer data.
  • In 2018, South African consumers spent R3 billion on Black Friday.
  • The last Friday of the month tends to be a large grocery shopping day. On Black Friday, big ticket items are purchased instead, revealing that consumers are saving for those items and to benefit from deals.
  • Two out of every three South Africans participated in Black Friday purchases.
Isana Cordier Author
Isana Cordier

Head: Consumer Goods and Services

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