Crop spraying drones
are taking Africa into
greener pastures

Roux Widernboer Author

Roux Wildenboer

Head: Agriculture


Absa's Roux Wildenboer explores the role technology can play in evolving the Agri sector.

Maximising yields and profits require agricultural investment – which is why South African farmers are opting for agri-tech.

In this instalment of the 2019 Absa Insights Series, Roux Wildenboer, Head: Agriculture, Absa CIB leads a panel discussion that unpacks the opportunities available.

Video highlights:

  • Demand for food across the globe is already very high and will increase year-on-year. This is therefore a sector that will continue to grow.
  • Agriculture is capital-intensive. World-leading businesses in this sector are driven by technology, which improves processes and therefore reduces costs.
  • A recent development is drone technology, which is used for spraying crops in South Africa.
Roux Widernboer Author
Roux Wildenboer

Head: Agriculture

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