Building a better Africa with
innovative financing solutions


Our partnerships are made possible by a dedicated team of property finance experts 

Absa CPF offers a wide range of financing solutions solutions to help facilitate the development or acquisition of commercial properties, and help businesses grow Africa.

Our partnerships are made possible by a dedicated team of property finance experts with extensive experience in structuring tailor-made, innovative financing solutions. We are excited to have successfully assisted Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA) in funding the development of their 90-unit residential complex in Nairobi.

Our powerful, all-female team executed this cross-border transaction spanning across 3 countries and 2 continents and was the first deal of its kind. It demonstrates CPF’s ability to provide funding for residential development on the continent, open opportunities for property development transactions on the continent, and introduces a new client to the bank - Verdant Ventures Limited.

We’re proud of helping businesses unlock new opportunities in Africa.

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