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To turn an investment opportunity in Africa into something exceptional requires a financial services partner on your doorstep who can offer universal solutions to meet your business needs. Our Corporate and Investment Banking business is a leader in African capital markets and offers capabilities, comprehensive suite of products and solutions, with the ability to leverage a unique combination of local presence and global reach.

If you don’t bank with us, then it’s worth asking if your bank does that?


These awards serve as a benchmark for fixed income, currency, and commodities markets as well as recognising the best achievers in the South African Capital Markets.



Get access to our suite of trade finance solutions from your mobile device or computer 24/7, no matter where you are.


We have a risk appetite for African projects and focus on building long-term relationships - supporting our clients in achieving their ambitions.


Our new digital dashboard service provides the insights that businesses need. Our tool offers interactive forecasting and scenario planning.

Absa Awards

Our prestigious awards are a testimony to our Corporate and Investment Banking capabilities that are anchored on supporting the growth of key sectors of our economy, building strong partnerships with our clients as well as connecting clients to larger markets through our regional and global footprint

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