Africa is open for business
but requires an expert guide

Cheryl Buss Author

Cheryl Buss

CE: Absa International


Absa remains the best partner to help international investors and businesses with interest in Africa navigate uncertain geopolitical waters.

Absa’s international presence is an important step and supports our ambition to open gateways to Africa across the globe.

The end of last year saw a significant milestone as we expanded our international presence and opened an office in London, with further expansion planned for the US later this year and China following that.

The UK launch represented a key deliverable in our journey to establishing Absa as a standalone African bank following separation from Barclays last year.

The London office opened at a pivotal time, as UK and European businesses and investors increasingly look towards Africa as a viable option for opportunity post-Brexit.

Our UK presence, coupled with over 100 years of experience and a well-developed footprint in Africa, Absa is uniquely well placed to help international investors and businesses expand into Africa.

Our UK presence, coupled with over 100 years of experience and a well-developed footprint in Africa, Absa is uniquely well placed to help international investors and businesses expand into Africa.

Positive sentiments in Africa continue to grow

Global uncertainty is further compounded by the ongoing China/US trade conflict as a war of words continues between Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping. China is a crucial partner for Africa and any restrictions could have negative knock on effect on the African economies.

It is self-evident that the global and local uncertainties effecting Africa will remain for some time to come. In this environment businesses and investors with significant interests in Africa need a partner with a long-history and established operations across the continent. That is Absa.

As the largest and most developed economy in Africa, all eyes will be on South Africa in 2019 when the country goes to the polls for election.

Optimism in the region is returning and growth rates are showing signs of improvement. This year’s Absa Africa Financial Markets Index, our tracker of financial progress across the region, showed that there is much for Africa to be positive about.

African nations are progressing with policies supporting the development of financial markets across the continent.

Initiatives such as South Africa’s ‘twin peaks’ strategy for improving financial regulation and Mozambique’s ‘financial sector development strategy’ are lending a legitimacy and boosting confidence in Africa across the globe.

But though many in Europe recognise Africa as an important and growing market, a legacy of instability still remains.

Global uncertainty is on the rise

The results will provide an important bellwether to determine how effectively South Africa can deliver on the promises made by the Ramaphosa government.

The envisaged structural and fiscal reforms will no doubt ensure that South Africa will return to meaningful and stable economic growth. As Africa’s most developed economy, this is crucial in determining how South Africa specifically, and Africa as a whole, continue to be viewed on the world stage.

Global uncertainty is on the rise

Absa has developed a network of operations across Africa, with deep experience-based and data-driven insights into customer and client needs and local conditions, a thorough understanding of investment flows, market participants, sector trends and regulations in the markets where we operate.

We make sure that we position ourselves where our clients need us to be – hence our new international offices. Indeed, understanding the unique needs of each client is at the heart of the way we structure and run our operations.

We make it our business to be experts in your business so that we can provide you with the best possible guidance and support. We bring Africa to you and we execute your needs in Africa on the continent.

It’s this history and expertise in Africa that means we are uniquely placed to guide clients who are looking to navigate the continent, now and in the years to come.

Cheryl Buss Author
Cheryl Buss

CE: Absa International

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