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Consume This: Volume 3 – Feb 2023

If impactful findings and unique insights into the complex world of South Africa’s consumer goods and services sector are of value to you, look no further than the Consume This newsletter.

The latest edition is now available, where readers can look forward to delving deeper into consumer priorities, constraints, and new emerging patterns.

The consumer goods and services sector is one of the most important industries for our continent’s growth. In the content, we unpack how retail and related sectors are currently being formed and how it will shape the sector’s future.

With this newsletter, we explore the world of private education. How the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged and changed how schools teach and students learn. Why technology and digital advancements have become one of the most significant educational tools and accelerated remote learning. And how the teaching methods, assessment tools, and school curriculums are adapting to allow for more customised, digitised learning experiences.

To explore this topic more meticulously, this newsletter includes topics such as:

  • The influence of technology on education and learning
  • Centennial schools in the spotlight
  • Analysis and outputs on South African private education

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