8 th Edition Southern Africa
– Europe CEO Dialogue


For the eighth consecutive year, The European House – Ambrosetti was nominated in the “Best Private Think Tanks” category as the number one think tank in Italy, ranking number four in the European Union. As part of the Ambrosetti offering, The Southern Africa – CEO Dialogue a flagship Forum on the African Continent aims to build an influential community of leaders who in turn grow their enterprises, countries and continents. The African Chapter is strictly reserved for CEOs of the South African, Southern African and multinational groups operating in the region. Key to this building a permanent and exclusive community of leaders that can influence economic relations of the two regions and their countries.

Absa Corporate and Investment Banking is proud to be part of a unique dialogue which aims to foster long-term growth of strategic trade and economic relations between Europe and Africa.

A Global Think Tank with Pan-African relevance

The Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue, an international  flagship forum of The European House – Ambrosetti, takes place in Johannesburg on the 25th and 26th of November. Some of the best minds in the business will connect and collaborate on cross-continental dialogues. The kind that will connect the world to a web of economic opportunity in Africa.

The more we connect at events like The Southern Africa Europe CEO Dialogue, the closer we come to realising our full potential as global players right here in Africa.

The bravery to imagine and the will to get things done. That’s Africanacity.

Corporate and Investment Banking

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