Why are 2 countries taking 95% of Africa’s blockchain funding?

African Blockchain Report

African Blockchain Report 2024

Blockchain technology is revolutionising industries across the globe, driving financial inclusion, enhancing transparency, and fostering economic growth. From enabling secure and affordable cross-border payments to democratising access to real estate, blockchain is breaking down barriers and empowering communities. This digital innovation is unlocking new opportunities for startups, improving supply chain integrity, and even helping to tackle South Africa’s energy crisis. As blockchain continues to gain momentum, Africa stands poised to leapfrog into a new era of technological advancement and economic empowerment.

As a proudly Pan-African Corporate and Investment Bank that sees the opportunity in every story, Absa CIB is proud to sponsor the 2024 African Blockchain Report, which sheds light on emerging trends and key developments within blockchain funding. So that you have the knowledge to future proof your business story.

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The African Blockchain Report aims to highlight significant trends and players within the digital and inclusive blockchain environment in Africa. Watch as Rob Downes, Head of Digital Assets and Monique Conradie, Head of Non-Banking Financial Institutions, share Absa’s journey with Blockchain and why blockchain is important to Absa. #AfricaExpertise

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