Navigating the Supply Chain
constraints with Working
Capital solutions

“Business owners that have enough stock at a time of a crisis will be most competitive in the market.” John Molanda, Head of Transaction Banking Sales at Absa Group

Trade and Working Capital White Paper

The ongoing global supply chain crisis has inflicted significant costs and inconveniences upon businesses and consumers worldwide. Commencing with pandemic-induced regional and national lockdowns and further exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the resulting delays and logjams have imposed an additional burden of financial challenges.

In response to the crisis, Absa clients in Africa are purchasing more inventory. But as Kuben Pillay, Head of Trade Finance & International Banking at Absa, warns: “When importers hold more stock, it costs more in terms of working capital utilisation and interest.”

With such high demand for working capital, what options exist for businesses? And how is Absa supporting its clients by providing innovatively structured products and finance solutions?

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